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Who We Are

Kingcrest International Neighbours is a Christ-centred organization that supports and empowers immigrants, refugees, temporary workers and visitors through English Language Learning (ELL) and community-building. All are welcome to come, learn, and be loved.

Kingcrest International Neighbours is a non-profit organization that began in 1989 as a grassroot compassionate outreach ministry of a small group of people from University Chapel (UBC), who had a heart for newcomers to Canada.

As this ministry developed, several local churches were challenged by the vision of working together and forming a close partnership in the southeast Vancouver area:

Kingcrest is also partnering with the ministry of the Mennonite Central Committee in their work with the MCC Refugee Office, Refugee Food Bank and with the Resource Office.

We provide support and empowerment to newcomers in settling well into the Canadian society through:

- Teaching ELL classes

- Giving practical assistance

- Providing a place to build friendships through social activities

- Bridging people into local faith communities

- Introducing people to the Lord Jesus Christ

- Providing accompaniment through refugee and immigration processes

- Providing referral and workshops to help newcomers to access necessary services

What is our name all about?


The ministry originated in Southeast Vancouver area, near Kingcrest Park.


We serve newcomers to Canada from all over the world


We establish genuine relationships by offering programs that meet the needs of newcomers